The following are some examples of the positive outcomes we have achieved for our clients.


A Washington DC dental provider wanted to protect their Medicaid dental reimbursement rates, increase their visibility, and advance the positive image of their services for children and the importance of dental care in Virginia and the District of Columbia. Ninety percent of their practice is focused on children enrolled in Medicaid. For this client, we have been monitoring and lobbying on dental and Medicaid issues, setting up legislative dental office site visits, and assisting them in building relationships with key legislative leaders and executive officials. We have been successful in maintaining their dental provider reimbursement rates and have increased their visibility positively and substantially.


We introduced and successfully passed legislation for an onsite sewage disposal manufacturer which amended and revised the provisions regulating the installation and use of passive soil-based on-site disposal systems for household, large and community systems.  We worked closely with state environmental and health departments, and stakeholder groups to advance the legislation. We were also involved in the regulatory process to ensure that it was effectively implemented.

Health Care

A dialysis healthcare provider had limited exposure in state capitols prior to working with Albers & Company.  We created a strategy in several states and the District of Columbia, working with key legislative leaders and health departments, to accomplish our client’s goals by increasing Medicaid provider reimbursement rates, defeating adverse patient care technician legislation, and passing chronic kidney disease task force legislation.  In addition, we arranged legislative visits to their dialysis centers to demonstrate the health care service they provide and successfully coordinated several statehouse “lobby days” where patients and providers visited the capitol to educate legislators.

Information Technology

A renowned anti-virus and data security company needed access to key state agencies to promote their products and increase their enterprise sales.  We’ve “opened doors” and positioned them in front of key decision-makers to help them educate state officials on their products, which has helped them increase their state business substantially. Through our political and business relationships, we have connected them to key vendors, which has lead to multi-million dollar partnering deals.


One of the nation’s largest food manufacturers found that many states prohibited them from selling liqueur-based candy at retail outlets.  We gained the support of the National Association of Attorneys General to amend the federal law and lobbied states to change their laws, providing new markets and millions of dollars in new sales for the manufacturer.


A major pharmaceutical company needed to increase the pharmacy budget in the Commonwealth of Virginia in order to market a newly approved anti-psychotic drug. We built a coalition of mental health consumer organizations in Virginia that helped us educate key legislative leaders on the value of the new drug for sufferers of mental illness. The General Assembly provided millions of dollars in additional funding for anti-psychotic medication.  To this day, we have continued to preserve appropriation funds for their mental health drug for Medicaid recipients.


A major retailer wanted to pass legislation on “back to school” sales tax holidays in a number of states where they have stores. We obtained bill sponsors, met with states’ taxation departments, and lobbied legislatures and Governors’ offices to enact the legislation. We worked with the National Black Caucus of State Legislators to draft and pass a resolution on the benefit of “back to school” sales tax holidays for clothing, footwear and school supplies, so that legislators would consider sponsoring the legislation in their states. Working with state retail associations, chambers of commerce and local businesses, we were successful in passing sales tax holiday legislation in the District of Columbia, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Texas and other states. Once enacted, we organized press conferences and worked with local businesses, Governors, Mayors, City Council members, and schools to promote the “back to school” tax free days. The retailer experienced significant increases in sales during the holidays, not only on tax exempt items, but also on items that were taxed.  Known nationwide for our extensive work on sales tax holiday legislation, Albers & Company became one of the main resources for state legislators and interest groups. Today, sales tax holidays are still in effect and remain popular, with many states expanding them to include energy star products, computers, and more.